photos by Timothée Lambrecq

EX NIHILO and Brazilian artist Daniela Busarello showcase FOGO their latest creation at Salon Révélations, Grand Palais Paris, 3-8 May 2017. Direction : Timothée Lambrecq
bandeau révélations


10 unique pieces, small size.
01 unique constellations.
hand made in France .

I created and developed the bottle as an olfactory kaleidoscope: an object metaphorically in motion, its constant interaction with the natural light animating and bringing it to life. 

Forms. The XL perfume bottle is a contemporary interpretation of an ancient amphora. A mysterious piece like Kubrick's monolith. Surfaces. The custom-designed relief engages touch and sight. Materials. The sensuality of the hand-blown glass process. The natural brutality of the made-to-measure cork. Memory of ancient perfumes’s caps. The ancestral side. Poetry and the contemporaneity of the material. The “rock-and-roll jewels” in vermeil and lapis lazuli inserted discreetly, like amulets. They become an element of the composition of the perfume’s formula by mixing with its vapour ... Gestures. The gestures of feeling the texture of the bottle, of taking the pipette in hand: removing it from the bottle through the cork, using the force of gravity to sprinkle the perfume ... Touching the skin with the pipette, and the liquid invasion ... tender and sensual sensations. The gesture when using the “piercing” vermeil cork lapis lazuli to remove the little cap and dive into the glass bottle ... the delicate spoon that collects the flowering perfume. 

dimensions : small : 10x10cm, X-large : 30x30cm
material : hand-blown glass, cork, vermeil.
exhibitions : BE BRAZIL Milan design week [2019], Ex Nihilo Dubai [2018-17], Ex Nihilo Harrods London [2018-17], Salon Révélations Grand Palais, Paris [2016]. 
private collections : France, England, United Arab Emirates.
series : genius loci

glass master : Jean Marc Schilt, CIAV Meisenthal.


Ex-Nihilo Paris

Parcours Hors les Murs Salon Révélations

CIAV, Meisenthal