CONCEPT: the « forest » as a « vivid » monolith-sculpture-translucent-membrane... Get into the « passage », close your eyes , feel the gentleness of the material, surrender to this experience-sensation of becoming part of the forest.

outside : mirorred volumes (stools) reflects the surroundings. the effect causes the disappearance / «immateriality» of itself. A monolith made of a stretch fabricis «the membrane » where one slot allows each person to penetrate smoothly into the interior space :

inside : one space concentrated on its landscape : a contemporary kaleidoscopic-geometrical forest. A collage from different places, lights and atmospheres. The table-mirrored, reflects the images of the ensemble and ourselves. A perforated pannel crown the «forest monolith». it is designed to create textures and simulate the shadow of the threes from the metaphorical inner forest.

FOOD CONCEPT  : the forest metaphor : the experience of senses and textures of the pure and organic ingredients: it’s unique tastes, colors and exoticism. Maximize the originality of its characteristics : smoothy, crunchy, sweety, bitter, acid, sour, spicy, delicate... choices come from the local environment as mushrooms, flowers, leaves, nuts, vegetables, grains, honey, cacao, small insects... a pinch of olive/nut oils, salt/pepper, vanilla, lemon, herbs and seeds... essential elements.

THE CONSTRUCTION CONCEPT : « IMMATERIALITY » through mirrrors. The choice for the mirrored dibond comes in agreement with the statement that all the materials must «disappear » and reinforce the idea that the ensemble doesn’t exist. The ensemble becomes light and infinite by it’s immateriality and reflexions:  a kaleidoscope from the reality. The concept mazimize the onirism and force of the « forest membrane » in all senses : phisical and metaphorical.

« entering through the slot my skin (my-self) becames the «forest’s skin (membrane) » .

« eating the natural-tasty ingredients i bring the forest inside my-self, literaly and figuratively.

« i become the forest , the forest becomes me».

THE CONSTRUCTION SYSTEM : PRE-MANUFACTURED FOR EASY ASSEMBLE. Three materials: mirrored dibond, wooden sections and stretch fabric. Each module is independent. There are thirteen modules and the bar. The construction system is pre-manufactured for easy assemble in a few steps : 1- build up the «membrane structure : fix the ensemble on itself and on the floor. material : wooden rods (section = 28x28 mm) // 2- install the «membrane » which will envelops the wooden structure. The «membrane» has one slot per person which allows to «get inside» the forest interior space. material : printed stretch fabric. (h = 2200 mm) // 3- fit and fix each tabletop at the horizontal layers from the wood structure. material : mirrored dibond. (1000x1250x3 mm) // 4- install the perforated plates which covers the monolith ensemble. These elements crown the space. At the same time, allows the entrance of light. material : mirrored dibond geometrically clipped like the shade of the trees. // 5- fold and fit the stools like an origami. It has one central structure for better resistance.  material : mirrored dibond (45x1250x45 mm)the concept fits different areas: 84m2, 98 m2 and the prefered 120 m2.

MAIN SPONSOR. The main sponsor is Artysign which is participating in the project by investing in experimentation and development of new uses for the dibond material, which when folded becomes extremely tough.