Daniela Busarello’s ARTchitecture Based in Paris, this Brazilian from the State of Paraná gains prominence in the arts and architecture scene with her intense creations, full of femininity    by Cibele Maciet

It is not easy to define the multitalented Daniela Busarello. She introduces herself as being “born in Curitiba, Parisian by adoption, and intermittently Italian”. A qualified architect, she left her family’s prestigious architectural practice in 2007 to embark on a French adventure. What was supposed to be a sabbatical year led to the launch of her practice and projects for important clients, such as LVMH, Le Bon Marché, Merci, Manufacture Cogolin, and Cassina. “I had everything in Brazil: I was a university lecturer, a partner in my parents’ practice, my house had won a national architecture prize. But my life lacked some adventure”, she says. “When I was 34 years old, I came to take an art history course at the Louvre School, which turned into an internship at the studio of Christian Liaigre and Christian de Portzamparc”, recalls Daniela. Afterwards, while looking for another job, she was encouraged to open her own practice. “I launched it in 2010, creating the Slomp Busarello International Agency, which brings together architecture, art, interior design, photography, scenic design, and illustration. Every project is created closely with the client, sur mesure”, she explains. She plays with the jeux de mots ARTchitecture, “my motto”. “Everything is interconnected. There is so much I enjoy: smells, the wind, different tastes, restaurant dishes, fashion, design, architecture… I live everything intensely and can’t separate one aspect from the other”.

And all this came into play last year, when Daniela created eight watercolours for the centenarian Cogolin tapestry manufacture. Entitled Cosmographies, they are a dialogue between flesh and cosmos - an extremely feminine universe, almost erotic. The drawings were recreated for the maison in rugs and tapestries hand-embroidered by Nepalese women. These works with Daniela’s illustrations are unique pieces – three metres in height, they take six months to complete. As a result of their success, Daniela took part in the famous Parcours Saint-Germain-des-Prés, an art event that takes place in the 6ème arrondissement at the same time as the traditional FIAC (International Contemporary Art Fair). In 2014, affinity and synchronicity also brought to life a project with the LVMH foundation, in partnership with the Jardin d’Acclimatation. For them, the architect created a 15-metre-long path where the public could savour Brazilian experiences, from craftwork to gastronomy. And just now, at the Agnès Montplaisir gallery in the French capital, the show entitled Abstrações exhibits the work Daniela developed in Murano: a collection of vases christened Mose. “The exhibition also brings my drawing series Cosmographies, which I made when I turned 40 and gave myself a Beaux Art course as a present”, she tells. On top of all that, countless design and architecture projects all over the world. Not bad for someone who only wanted a little bit of adventure. 

However, this 43-year old Sagittarian could not have imagined a different life. Encouraged by her parents to circulate in the worlds of art, dance, and architecture, from an early age she already designed and modelled her own paper costume jewellery. “I believe that my godmother, who lived here for 15 years, was one of the main influences in my decision to come to France. When I was 7 she sent me, by post, a book about the Sèvres manufacture. A little seed was planted there and then”, she says, in her beautiful flat in the chic 7ème arrondissement. The space, with its huge high ceilings, exudes the typical Parisian charm. It is full of designer works: from Alvar Aalto, Johan Van Loon, Le Corbusier, Anna Castelli Ferrieri, Cícero Dias, Castiglioni and Noguchi to the Campana brothers, Gaetano Pesce and Bruno Rainaldi. Everything is well considered and adorned with oriental rugs, embroidered Afghan cushions, satin velvet, linings and transparencies. 

Does she encounter prejudice for being Brazilian? “There are always people who resist. Then, I don’t insist. But Brazilians are not afraid to dare and open up, and the French find our spontaneous way of being enchanting”. She adds: “Unlike the French, we don’t have the weight of history and tradition, and this is liberating. We are sweet, simple, natural, and they have lots of rituals”, she laughs while carrying on talking, eyes lightening up, about future projects. Among them, an exhibition at the Brazilian Embassy in Paris, opening on the night of the 6th December. “Persistence and belief make things happen. Therefore, I dream and I try. There’s much good still to happen, and I would love to have more projects in Brazil”.


1. Daniela Busarello on her tapestry work

2. Murano vase Igarapé, an homage to Amazonia

3. The artist created drawings for the handmade Cogolin rugs

4. Cosmographies drawing series, to celebrate her 40th birthday

5. e 6. Murano vases from the collection entitled Mose

7. Installation project for the Palais de Tokyo

8. Igarapé3, new Murano vases project

9. e 10. Daniela’s Curitiba house, winner of a national architecture prize in 2007