Each piece is unique by its constellation and combination of materials.

Brazil has the largest niobium reserve in the world, and the country is responsible for 89% of its global production. Most of Brazil’s niobium is found in the Amazon. This metal is used in the space industry, metaphorically dominating earth from the air.

When niobium is ionised, a vast range of colours can be obtained: all colours of the visible light spectrum, from red to blue and violet. During electrolysis with a niobium anode, niobium’s surface is easily oxidised, forming a covering layer of niobium pentoxide. Once this thin oxidised layer, both transparent and very refractive, is illuminated, producing interference of light. Depending on the thickness of the layer, it is as if the variously oxidised metal surface replicates the bright colors of the rainbow. 

niobium : Marina Sheetikoff  
dimensions : 100-120cm, H45cm
materials : niobium, glass, brass.
exhibitions : BE BRAZIL Milan design week, [2019].
private collections : France