I’ve been creating landscapes in different ways, using different scales and media. I am a Brazilian architect, who trained as an Urban Planner- Architect-Interior-Landscape-Designer. I moved to France in 2007, mixing new and old cultures, looking for challenges and embracing a new variety of media: Murano glass in 2010, drawing and textiles in collaboration with Manufacture Cogolin in 2015, and painting in a series of “Inner Landscapes”.

Today Inspired by current environmental and sustainability needs, I am creating Art-Design objects with original materials. By doing so, I believe that I can contribute to a cultural and environmental transformation of our global society. My medium is “what remains of everything, reduced to dust”. This is then mixed to glass, concrete, or plastic, according to functionality and comfort. “Dust” in different colours and textures, made from natural or non- natural things: seeds, leaves, owers, seaweeds, woods, roots, soil, sand... bones, shelves, rocks... remainder of construction works: concrete, steel, brass, copper, marble, plastic, rubber, glass... gold, silver, semi-precious rocks... A document explaining the composition of the dust and containing photographs from the landscapes/sites where the material was collected is part of each Object.